A3 Desk Planner Pad

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Desk – our oasis of creativity and productivity.

They say a bed and a mattress on which we sleep should be of a really high quality. After all, we spend an average of 8 hours in bed , or ⅓ of our life. Few, however, mention the importance of our desk, and in the end we often spend there 8 hours a day. We believe that our desk should be something pleasant, a substitute for an oasis of creativity and productivity. Something you want to come back to. This is why we have created the A3 desk pad, which not only helps you become productive, but also makes your desk looks aesthetically pleasing.

Keep everything on paper instead of in your head.

Any idea suddenly came to your mind? Did you remember something important that you have to do later? Talking on the phone and want to save something? The desk pad will let you save what you have in mind immediately. It will let you clear your mind and be focused on the task which you have to complete.

The fields with the names of the days of the week will let you plan what you have to do. In these fields, you can list both tasks, things you should focus on, or meetings and important dates (for example, a visit to the doctor). The pad, which will always be on the desk, is going to make your plan always visible, always on top, and the tasks and dates you should remember will be eye-catching.