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Use the planner pad and keep everything under control

At MakePlanEasier, we want planning to be an inspiring and creative moment of our day. We believe that the essence of planning is not high-flown success, achieving maximum productivity or inner peace. We also believe that planning is a shortcut that leads to peace of mind – the feeling that we can control our lives and have a real impact on our future.

Looking for magic? Write!

We need paper and writing skills to plan. Writing with your favourite pen on good quality paper is a magic act that will probably never be replaced by the sound of a computer keyboard or sounds of a task management application. Of course, these two worlds can perfectly complement each other, but we think a paper planner pad is necessary. A planner pad should not only replace a simple piece of paper, but it should show us how to plan, indicating a specific framework. Therefore, it would be good to find a planner template that ‘suits’ you. Do not stockpile planners. If you are starting an adventure with work on planners, be prepared for learning and experimenting. It’s better to check whether you prefer to plan each day individually, or you just need to plan the week on one piece of paper. Do you want to set priorities on a daily or maybe only on a monthly basis?

Planner should be something you like and want to use again. That’s why make sure you like not only the template, but also the layout. Find one that you really like, which you will be happy to keep at your desk at home, because it looks nice and blends in with the decoration of the whole room.