Monthly Planner Pad

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Do you want to do what is important, and not only what is urgent? Plan your month.

Monthly Planners allow you to take a look at the longer period of time. People who plan on a monthly or several months’ basis are often more effective because they do what is important in the long run, and do not only think what should be done today or tomorrow. Planning itself on the monthly basis is an inspiring activity that allows you to better look at what is important and what is a priority, and what should not be a priority.

In many cases, this planner is part of the entire personal organization system. Monthly planner is not the best if you wish to list more than a few things for each day (e.g. you have several tasks, meetings per day). It is definitely not designed to plan every day in detail. However, it has one huge advantage – transparency. At a glance you can see what and when you have to do in the next 30 days. It is a perfect complement to daily and weekly planners. Many people use it as a starting point – firstly, to pre-plan the whole month (trips, holidays, projects, important dates), and then these plan every week or day using the detailed weekly and daily planners. Some people also use monthly planner pads to save a specific type of information – e.g. birthdays and name days of family members and friends, or planning phases of a project or an undertaking.