To do list Pad

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To do list pad – the simplest and often the most effective time management tool

To do list is the simplest time management tool. Used in the right way, it has enormous power. The list of tasks can be anything: a piece of paper, a handkerchief, plain white piece of paper. Creating a list is very

simple. Just list everything you have in mind, all tasks, commitments and things to do. This stage can be a bit overwhelming. We then realize how many things we have to do. We can see everything clearly. This stage, however, works like a ‘catharsis’ – it removes anxiety, because seeing what we have to do, we can also start working on it, which means that we have control. Maybe not over everything, because we do not know what exactly is going to happen, but now we can consciously decide where to invest our time, what to do first. Because creating a list of tasks is very easy, it’s easier to get on with it, e.g. using planners. Additionally, at MakePlanEasier, we create to do pads that are not only functional, but also look nice. Consequently, working with them is even more pleasant.