Weekly Planner Pad

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Weekly planner – a view of the whole week in a few seconds

Weekly planners are created for people who love to have control over what is happening over the next few days. If you like to see clearly all tasks and meetings and do not need one sheet to write down all day, then the weekly planner is going to be perfect for you. The main advantage of such planners is that they easily show what and when you have to do, without being limited to just one day. In many cases , they are also very handy, because instead of 7 sheets for 7 days of the week there is only one sheet, which contains everything.

Techniques and strategies for working with weekly planner pads

Many people work with this type of planers by marking time blocks. Each time block is marked in the weekly planner pad, e.g., by crossing out. One block is one activity during a day (e.g. shopping, visit to the doctor, lectures at the university, etc.). Others write down to-do lists every day, or they write out on an hourly basis what and when they are going to do.

The best strategy for working with this type of planner is to plan the whole week ahead. On the day preceding the following week (e.g. Saturday or Sunday), spend at least 10 minutes to review the things you have to do, then think about what and when you want to do the following week. All dates and meetings must be marked on the plan.

Choosing a weekly planner, you still need to analyse how you plan and where you need to have access to your plan. If you want to have your plan always at hand, better think about weekly planner – inserts to the organizer. If you do not want the extra weight in your purse, consider buying a weekly planner pad for your desk. If you like to have a planner always at hand, a planner in the form of a sticker, or a wall planner would be an ideal solution.