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Printable planners in various templates

Printable planners are ideal for people who like to create their own planning system. Or people who often change the system, who like to try new things or refine their perfect management system. A physical planer will not necessarily work for them at the beginning. They prefer to try different templates, by printing them in the comfort of own home. There are plenty of planner formats to choose from: A5, A4 and A3 and for different periods: daily planner printables , weekly planner printables or monthly planner. Sometimes we have so much to do that we need to write down all the tasks in one day. And sometimes the time comes that our list gets shorter and a weekly plan is enough. You can also find printable planner pages in the form of a organizer calendar for printing.

Just keep the printed planner on the desk, on a clip pad, attach it to the organizer or hang it on the wall. It is important that it is visible and serves you well. Plans can’t be done themselves if we do not know about their existence. Visible sheet with tasks mobilizes to do the task and allows to focus on those things that we have planned to do. That is why you decide on the form of the planner and its placement.

How does the purchase look like?

All printable files are sent in standard format, i.e. PDF or are available upon the receipt of payment. The PDF format is the simplest and most reliable printable file in your printer. Thus, each print will be of high quality. Files are sent once for your eternal use. Print how and when you want it. We are always open to help you with your print settings. All details about the size of files are included in the description of each product.

When to buy a printed version and is it worth it?

If you are already sure that this template suits you 100%, we also advise ordering it in a printed form as a notebook planner , insert to the organizer or planner organizer. We already know from our experience that it is cheaper than printing a large number of sheets on your own printer.

If you have any questions before buying, go ahead and write to us .