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Planners to help you organize your work and school life. Meal planners, to do lists and other - everything you need to have to stay organized.


What will happen when I submit my e-mail address?

We send you two minimal and beautiful printable planners: daily and weekly. Next every month we will send you one printable planner from our shop for free.

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On a first day of the month we will send you an email with a link to download a plannner.

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The link to download the planner is valid for 3 days, so don't miss it ;)

What exactly will I get?

You will receive PDF files with planner templates. We might send to do list, checklist or any other template which will help you to stay organized.

How to print planners at home?

Files with planners are prepared for print in normal home printers. You can print them in color or just black and white. Planners in A5 size you can print on A4 page. Please just make sure to set horizontal layout and set your printer to print two pages on one A4 page.

How to use MakePlanEasier free planner?

You can print them out and hang on the fridge, put into the frame or punch holes and use in your 6 rings planner.  You can as well simply keep the planner on your desk.

Keep everything under control

It is possible with MakePlanEasier planners! Download a pack of planners from MakePlanEasier, organize your day and keep everything under control.